[H-GEN] FreeBSD Sendmail Set-up

John Duncan katie4 at eisa.net.au
Wed Jan 23 14:19:20 EST 2002

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On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 11:40:07AM +1000, Greg Black wrote:
> "john duncan" wrote:
> | The way it is described on the website is what we have
> | used but the queue won't run except by hand and it
> | seems complicated to me when the README is the
> | same as on OpenBSD.
> How does his installation differ from the default?  When
> installed, FreeBSD has sendmail setup to run (which I hate,
> because I have to run around removing binaries and doing other
> draconian things to stop it as I don't use sendmail).
> This description doesn't really tell us enough to work from.
> What has he changed from the default?  What were the goals from
> those changes?  What (exactly) happens?  How does this differ
> from his expectations?
 It is hard to find out over the miles exactly what he has done
but as I helped him set up userppp and news he seems to be doing
right.The idea of course is for him to masquerade as his ISP and
relay all mail through his ISP.
 This is not the worry my sendmail.mc works right and he is using
the same form but when he makes a sendmail.cf it gives locked
mailbox errors which should be fixed by modifying local mailer flags
which we have tried as discussed on FreeBSD mailing lists.
 It is alright as far as it goes but the local mailer will not
run the queue without manual intervention,he can send and receive
mail alright but it isn't put in his mutt mailbox automatically.
Fetchmail delivers his mail to sendmail alright and he can send
mail to me from mutt ok.
 The how-to in the FreeBSD website don't use the explicit m4 build
and I was wondering if I can get him to use this the same as I
would on OpenBSD.
 He has just told me however that as well as the default set-up he
also added a sendmail package off the CD's, this could be the problem.
Don't know what this would have done.
                                 Thanks for the interest,
                                    John Duncan

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