[H-GEN] FreeBSD Sendmail Set-up

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Tue Jan 22 20:40:07 EST 2002

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"john duncan" wrote:

| Dear FreeBSD Users,
|                                 I am in contact with a young guy
| in USA trying to help him set up sendmail for
| dial-up use.The instructions on the FreeBSD website
| say to load some source to change the sendmail
| set-up,we have done this and are aware that he has
| to use OSTYPE(freebsd4) to avoid spool locking
| problems on 4.3.
|                               I don't have FreeBSD here and
| would like to know if there is a directory in which he
| can use the m4 build process from the README the
| same as on OpenBSD. i.e.
| # m4 somedir/sendmail/m4/cf.m4 hismail.mc > hismail.cf
| The way it is described on the website is what we have
| used but the queue won't run except by hand and it
| seems complicated to me when the README is the
| same as on OpenBSD.

How does his installation differ from the default?  When
installed, FreeBSD has sendmail setup to run (which I hate,
because I have to run around removing binaries and doing other
draconian things to stop it as I don't use sendmail).

This description doesn't really tell us enough to work from.
What has he changed from the default?  What were the goals from
those changes?  What (exactly) happens?  How does this differ
from his expectations?

Just FYI, by default, the sendmail daemon will be started at
boot time (unless this is turned off in /etc/rc.conf{,.local})
and it will flush the queue every 30 minutes, provided the file
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf exists and is readable.  The default flags
to run the daemon are set in /etc/defaults/rc.conf and can be
overridden in the usual manner.


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