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Patrick Nichols pat at humbug.org.au
Mon Jan 21 07:23:56 EST 2002

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My place of employment is in the process of setting up the office with email
addresses via a bigpond direct modem link.  We would like someone to carry
out the following work on a debian gnu/linux based machine for us.  (you can
do initial install or we can provide a base install on the machine)

As you will see this is a non exhaustive list of configuration details.  If
something which you see as necessary is missed out please bring it to our
attention.  The powers that be have expressed the opinion that they would
prefer a business to perform the work, however if you do this stuff at a
professional level don't let this preference cause you to not provide a
quote.  Feel free to quote on part of the work/all of the

I could perform this work myself, however I would prefer to spend my work
time doing engineering work.

Software Configuration:
Primary purpose for this machine is to provide an email address for all
members of the office forwarded from an external exchange server, however a
couple of other services would come in handy.

- Software raid 1
- SSL imap server for client retrieval of mail from internal addresses or
external.  Clients would preferably not have an account on the actual
machine and the mail should be stored in maildir or cyrus database format.
- Squid for web browsing internal machines only.  (password protected, cache
parent would be telstra's proxy caches)
- Samba for file sharing internal machines only.  (password protection)
- Caching dns for internal machines only.
- ssh server for machine administration internal/external.

- All imap/squid/samba should all use a common set of passwords, and a web
page visible from the internal lan should have a page to make it possible to
change these.
- Small script to simplify adding users/removing users/changing passwords
for imap/squid/samba from shell prompt
- Backup solution using a tape drive, plus instructions for easy restoration
from scratch (total restore) or of a single file.

Less likely, but still preferred.
- firewall with optional mailing to auscert of attack attempts
- system integrity checking software (ie tripwire) configured to mail to an
external address if any changes are detected
- upsd software to gracefully shutdown machine if ups is running low
- method of controlling redialling, reconnect if link goes down scripts,
persist options for pppd??

- software to scan email attachments for viruses for windows machines??
- traffic accounting to estimate costs

Any other suggestions?

Hardware Configuration:
P166, 128M pc133 ram, 2x40G HDD/software raid 1, dds4 tape drive, ups

You can source the ram/hdd/tape drive/ups if you want, recommend a retailer
for us to purchase from or leave the hardware purchase to us.  If you think
we would be better served by getting a new machine (say low end dell server
etc...) advise us in your quote and quote this item separately.

Hard drives need not be 40 gigs but this is the current best capacity/value
drive size at the moment.

Suggestions?  Quotes/specific questions should be directed to me personally
and not to this list.  However I've got no problems with discussions
regarding the details/best solutions for problems occurring on list.

Patrick Nichols.
pat at humbug.org.au

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