[H-GEN] Any bored NetBSD users?

Peter Arnold arnoldpj at optushome.com.au
Wed Jan 9 05:44:01 EST 2002

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I'd like to take an image of my laptop's HDD so I can load OS's with gay
abandon AND keep various members of my family happy by re-installing the
OS of their whim as required.

I've found a sexy little project called g4u (Ghost4Unix) that seems to
meet most my requirements however it does not have "laptop" support
compiled into the BSD kernel. This is only to enable it to fit on a
floppy according to the web site and the author and should be fairly
easy to compile a new kernel by adding/removing the required drivers.
See attached email to/from author below. Unfortunately this requires a
working NetBSD system which I do not have.

Is there anyone out there who could:
1) add ALL support into kernel and compile and create a bootable CD?
2) Create a Toshiba Tecra 550 supported kernel and create a bootable

Peter Arnold
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Email to/from author

On Sat, 5 Jan 2002, Peter Arnold wrote:
> For laptop support, is it just a matter of compiling in the PCMCIA and
> associated hardware into the kernel? I assume this is not included so
> that it will fit on a floppy?

Basically, yes. You just need to adjust the kernel config file used by
(INSTALL_G4U) and enable pcmcia, cardbus, maybe usb, whatever, and take
out some other drivers (ISA SCSI controllers, etc.). 
It would be best to do a second image/kernel INSTALL_G4U_LAPTOP based on
the INSTALL_LAPTOP kernel. I don't currently have time for that, but if
get back to hacking on g4u (don't hold your breath!), i might add that,
many people ask for it. 

> Is there any chance of creating a bootable CD with more/all hardware
> support?

Not right now, and given that unfortunately not all CDROMs can boot, I
haven't taken this too serious. Adding it shouldn't be a big problem
either, though.

 - Hubert

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