[H-GEN] Problem with Irix disc drive / file system.

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Fri Jan 11 00:49:22 EST 2002

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Ewan Edwards wrote:

| On Friday 11 January 2002 11:25, you wrote:
| > Ewan Edwards wrote:
| > | At this point I am thinking that maybe there is an area of the disc
| > | surface that has become defective.  My main problem is that I don't know
| > | enough about Irix or SGI systems to know how to proceed from here, or, if
| > | there are any utilities etc. that I might be able to use to salvage the
| > | file system and/or any data off the disc.
| >
| > This is why we make backups and now is the time to get them out
| > so you can restore your data to the new disk you are going to
| > install to replace that dead one which you're going to toss in
| > the bin.
| Absolutely correct.  That's the sort of procedure we adopt in house.
| Unfortunately this disc belongs to one of our clients and I'm told that their 
| last backup was done six weeks ago.  

Then they are probably about to learn that their disaster
recovery policy needs to be revised.  I find that experience
makes a harsh but effective teacher.

| > Of course, if there are no backups and if the data is really
| > very important and can only be found on the dead disk and if you
| > have the budget for it, you can try to get a professional data
| > restoration done -- but don't stress the disk any more yourself
| > in that case.
| I'm already talking like that to the client.  I was just hoping there was 
| something else worthwhile trying first.  My personal opinion is that if you 
| have the budget for professional data restoration then you have the budget 
| for a decent backup system.

If you lack the budget for professional data restoration then
you probably need to ensure that you have both the budget and
the procedures to guarantee good backups.

In this case, if the data really needs to be recovered, it's a
job for professionals.


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