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Raymond Smith zzrasmit at uqconnect.net
Thu Jan 10 04:31:14 EST 2002

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Hi Sandra,

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Sandra Milne wrote:
> I'd love to help out. I'd also love to attend. However, I have a
> full-time job and there's no way I can get the time off during the
> week. Ideally I'd love to attend for just the saturday (or perhaps
> help out for just that day)  but there seems to be no way to register
> for just one day. Is this possible?  Surely I'm not the only one who'd
> love to go but can't get time off work for something that isn't work
> related?

The short answer is that $180.00 is very cheap for one day at a
conference[1]. I know it is hard to look past the feeling of being ripped
off -- "Hey, I'm paying $180.00 and I only get one day and she got four!"
-- but it really isn't a lot to ask. The ACS for example charges a minimum
of $1300.00 for a two day workshop (http://www.qld.acs.org.au/ACS/forms/booking_form.htm).
So you would imagine around $750.00 for a one day conference at minimum.

And ACS speakers suck compared to the great talks you will see on
Saturday at linux.conf.au 2002! The schedule is still a little empty for
this part of the conference (http://linux.conf.au/schedule.html) but
it will be a show case of the very best Australian Open Source projects
along with the very best talks from the first two days.

The price of the conference really is dirt cheap compared to any other IT
event your care to name -- PCIT tradeshows aside.

So, Sandra, I'd really encourage you and anyone else who can only come on
Saturday to come on Saturday.

> Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this but work's been a
> bugger and a half this week and I'm zonked out on very little sleep
> and too much caffiene.

This is exactly the right place -- if you have these doubts then others
will too.


[1] $180.00 is for one individual ticket. Bona fide students get in at
    $99.00. Professionals (anyone whose company is paying/can afford it)
    get in for $510.00 and for their money get to go to a special schmooze
    session and get their companies name on their conference name
raymond at humbug.org.au   Linux.conf.au 2002 -- register now for
                        the biggest Linux event in Australia

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