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Sandra Milne silne_geek_girl at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 10 03:13:16 EST 2002

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I'd love to help out. I'd also love to attend. However, I have a full-time 
job and there's no way I can get the time off during the week. Ideally I'd 
love to attend for just the saturday (or perhaps help out for just that day) 
but there seems to be no way to register for just one day. Is this possible? 
Surely I'm not the only one who'd love to go but can't get time off work for 
something that isn't work related?

Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this but work's been a 
bugger and a half this week and I'm zonked out on very little sleep and too 
much caffiene.

silne_geek_girl at hotmail.com
ICQ: 7632763

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