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Ben Carlyle benc at foxboro.com.au
Fri Jun 9 00:32:19 EDT 2000

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If outlook is able to write one email per file, this is likely to
be the ideal way to transport such email to a unix environment.
(presumably outlook will be able to do this as one big dump?)
If appropriate header information is included in these files then
an ascii ftp and a "cat" of all files into a single mail folder ought
to just aboutdo the trick.  The usual mail storage system in a unix
environment is quite simple and thus requires a fairly small degree of
hackery.  The only thing you may have to ensure is that the traditional
>From line exists at the beginning of each message and that other lines
beginning with "From" within each message are appropriately quoted.

Transferring via a pop-style mail server or even an IMAP server would
be a less wonderful way to go.  You don't want to forward the mail to
yourself, or you will change the sender information on each email or
perhaps even have all emails forced into a single mail as attachments.
IMAP may be the way to go, but you'd likely have to setup a server on
the local network to do it for you and you may have trouble getting
non-outlook clients to understand the hierarchical way that outlook
handles IMAP (or at least netscape had trouble understanding it two
years ago when I last played with such things).  Whichever way you
go along the network paths you'll probably end up having to stuff
about considerably.

On another possible point of interest, netscape mail appears to follow
the usual unix convention even on non-unix platforms.  Netscape adds
an index file for quick lookup, but the index is calculated directly
from the text layout and is recalculated whenever it appears to
disagree with the text layout.  If the darn thing didn't crash so often
it might be an ideal windows mail client in a multi-platform


On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, Frank Brand wrote:
> > > Outlook will export in a number of formats...not only Excel. Eg.
> > > Access, Word, text format etc (again IIRC).

Someone else wrote,
> > Do you know the details of the text format? One file per folder/mailbox?
> > Or one file per email? Or ... ?

Frank Brand wrote:
> Well whenever I have used it I have only been interested in one file so
> possibly it may do more but I really think it is just one file per e-mail. I
> could be wrong tho, it's a while since I have done anything with it.

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