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If you haven't registered for ICANN at Large then you should so you can
vote on the future direction of the Internet. Details below.



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Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 07:54:53 +1000
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Subject: IAMEMS: ICANN At Large Voter Registrations

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People may be interested in the latest update on At Large Registrations
for the coming ICANN elections.  Full details on registration statistics
are available from the ICANN web site at

Selected examples as of Sunday morning (30/7) are interesting:
- 1096 Australia
- 4731 Brazil
- 1975 Canada
- 28732 China
- 17409 Germany
- 1709 India
- 33227 Japan
- 6247 Korea
- 10780 Taiwan
- 2080 United Kingdom
- 18012 USA

Registration closes tomorrow 31/7, to quote the ICANN web site:
Registration for the October 2000 election of five At Large Directors
will end at
2400 GMT on Monday, July 31, 2000. 

So Australia's will have until 10am on 1 August to register.  

In the voting for 5 new At Large representatives on the ICANN Board,
Australia has been grouped with the Asian region that includes Korea,
Japan, China, Taiwan and India.  With the numbers of voters already
registered in these countries, Australia will not achieve a major number
of voters.  However, the voting system is preferential and a significant
number of voters will be important.

In the past week a further 500 Australians have registered with ICANN. 
Registration is free to anyone over 16 years of age and is available
through the ICANN web site at

There have been complaints that the ICANN server is overloaded.  If you
can't register through the addresses mentioned above there are now some
alternate servers that may provide registration.  You could try:
http://www1.jca.apc.org/icann/icann.php3 (Japanese script)
Alternatively, it is reported that you can emulate the data entry page
and email your details direct to the ICANN database.  (Technical types
will have to help with the details here.)

There have been reports that some countries are using a top-down
approach to registering voters for the ICANN elections.  I have heard
reports of whole student bodies from high schools being signed up or of
various government departments engineering recruitment campaigns.  These
reports remain unconfirmed.  Whether such campaigns exist or not, their
impact will be to raise the profile of ICANN significantly.  It is
important to remember that ICANN has been established as a body to
administer the allocation of Internet names and addresses.  The At Large
elections are an important part of ensuring that ICANN's processes
become more democratic and transparent.

In sending this email, I am NOT promoting the idea of nationalist
candidates for the ICANN election.  I think it is much more important to
have candidates who are looking for broad representation of user
interests on the ICANN board.  Hopefully, we will still see the
emergence of such candidates during the nomination process.

regards, Tony

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