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> (and C++ is quite complex).  Python is great.  C is probably a good second
> language to learn (yes, C is simple, but it's terseness can be hard for
> beginners, and coping with pointers should be left until you've had just a
> little experience).  Java is also pretty good as an easy language to
> learn.

I agree C is probabally not a good first language as you can do things in
very bad ways. It is very easy for a person trying to learn a language to
"shoot themsalves in the foot" with C. (trust me I know from
experience) Java on the other hand, I found quite easy to learn probabally
because of the syntax resembling C. Java does have it's drawbacks
esp. when it comes to swing/awt. but I would recomend it as a first
as for being a GOOD PROGRAMMER I feel that a uni. course will teach you
"good coding pactices" something that no programming book, I've seen can
teach you.

a reasonable web site for java is:


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