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Sun Jul 30 20:16:55 EDT 2000

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On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> I don't like C++ much, Java, Python and Smalltalk are interpreted and
> therefore don't really count, and Pascal and Ada are horrible too.

OK, Java doesn't create an executable binary, but saying that it is
interpreted (and lumping it in with interpreted languages like Python) is
completely false.

> Java's has many of the good properties of Python, as well as being
> more popular, but I'm not convinced it's as pleasant to use.
> Certainly, I've had lots of pain getting it to work under Linux,
> there's no interactive interpretor, and the IDEs I've played with
> under Windows have just seemed hellishly complicated. But that may
> just be me, and YMMV here, too.

There's no interactive interpreter because it's not interpreted!  :-)  
Yes, it can be a pain to debug, but the reasons are different from what
you're suggesting here.  Also, we are having a fine time with it under
Linux.  Personally I find Linux to be the platform of choice  ;-)

Don't get me wrong.  Java has some major cons (and pros) but the real
issues with Java are different to what you mention here.... and are too
complex to go into without starting another thread.  (do we REALLY want to
do that?  I'm not really in the mood)

Paul Gearon
pag at PISoftware.com

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