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Simon Robertson sijr at optusnet.com.au
Sun Jul 30 05:16:22 EDT 2000

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I am a single 28 year old, that wishes to take his career into the
future by learning progaming. I happen to live on the Sunshine Coast but
have nothing holding me here. This means that I am very flexible in the
way I could perform the learning of programing. Also time is not a
problem and I am quite willing to put in the required time and effort,
even if it means a 4 year degree as long as it is worth it.

My IBM Thinkpad has Windows98, Mandrake 7.0 and FreeBSD 4.0 on it which
are all linked together. So I have a fair understanding of Linux and
Unix and solving problems, configuration, partitioning, installation,
etc. that come with them and the command vocabulary. Also I am quite
confident in Windows and exceed most of the persons around me.

I have though not spent much time on programing so do not really have
any specific idea as to what area of programing I would like to go into.
The idea I have got is that 'c' is the base language and the most
important, so if I concentrated on it first would that make every other
easier and put me in the best position?

So, if anyone out there can suggest; languages, web sites, downloads,
magazines, books, mailing lists, courses, docs, or even a
traineeship/job please pass it on.



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