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On Sun, 30 Jul 2000, Simon Robertson wrote:

> I am a fellow that wishes to take my career into the future and try and
> become a progamer.

Well what you do now really depends on your current position.  If you
haven't started/finished tertiary studies yet then I'd have to agree with
Ben that you would benifit from doing some sort of CS/IT/Eng course at a
Uni somewhere.  If however you are past that, then it will depend on

- How much you already know about computers.
- How much time you have available to you to learn.
- What timeframe you hope to learn in.
- What sort of programming/job you would like to learn.

Regardless I would suggest you install a Free Unix on your computer and
try and move completely to that environment as quickly as possible.  Which
language you should learn first will largely depend on the answers to the
questions however it will probably be one of - 

Python, C, Java, PHP, DHTML.


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