[H-GEN] Cross-compiling Solaris versions (was Re: Linux on sparcstations)

Ben Carlyle benc at foxboro.com.au
Wed Apr 26 21:49:28 EDT 2000

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Oooh, this would be bad.

I'm likely to be embarking in the next few months on a program to
buffer our development environment from the solaris operating system
by providing libraries and header files from particular solaris
versions inside our configuration managment environment.  The idea
is a kind of cross-compiling between different Solaris versions so that
we can upgrade our development servers without putting our runtime
systems at unassessed levels of risk.  We may at some stage be
supporting multiple target solaris versions[1] from the single
development platform.

Does anyone have experiences to share relating to the problems I might
be facing?  I currently intend to migrate the core libraries[2] and
header files[3] into our development environment.

[1]  That's major revision numbers, say 2.5.1 and Solaris 7 & 8.
[2]  libc, etc.
[3]  the contents of /usr/include, but not the contents of the compiler
     libraries as we will not be bringing that monstrosity into our
     CM system.

Paul Gearon wrote:

> if an ioctl call for a device changes in the kernel then any programs
> which call that function from user space will need to be re-compiled.

> (I've been bitten by this before.  You think nothing significant changed
> except for an extra field in a structure.  Suddenly your macros have
> different values.  It's a pain in the backside)

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