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> Ah, just a quick diversion.  Is anyone on the list aware with issues
> running X on a sparcstation 5?   I got hold of one recently (yes,
> I'll pay you soon :) and X will simply not start, complaining about an
> inappropriate ioctl when initialising the mouse (I don't have the
> error on me, but can produce it on request).
i think that way back when i was fooling around with linux on my IPC (it
now runs NetBSD quite nicely) i had to create the appropriate device
file for the mouse.  look in the kernel assigned numbers for 'sunmouse'
and create the corresponding /dev/sunmouse entry and /dev/mouse symlink.
i can't remember the exact file name off the top of my head, but it's
definately in <linux src dir>/Documentation - a grep or two should
uncover what you're looking for that i can't remember right now...

oh, another thing that got me on the default install of Debian (can't
remember which version tho, was a little while ago - may have been
fixed) was the absence of /dev/fb* entries for X to actually write to
the framebuffer...

hope this helps :)
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