Linux on sparcstations (was Re: [H-GEN] linux box just went dead)

James McPherson - Customer Technical Support Engineer James.McPherson at Aus.Sun.COM
Wed Apr 26 02:17:32 EDT 2000

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Jason Parker divert(0)dnl:
> On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 03:03:57PM +1000, James McPherson - Customer Technical 
Support Engineer wrote:
> > That said, it's a pity you ain't got a sparc box ;| - I could give you a bit 
> > more help with that (and even more if you were running Solaris on it!)
> Ah, just a quick diversion.  Is anyone on the list aware with issues 
> running X on a sparcstation 5?   I got hold of one recently (yes, Mark,
> I'll pay you soon :) and X will simply not start, complaining about an
> inappropriate ioctl when initialising the mouse (I don't have the exact
> error on me, but can produce it on request).

that would be handy indeed.

> It's a sparcstation 5, with a standard optical sun mouse and a cg6
> framebuffer, running a 2.2.14 kernel and X 3.3.x for some high value of x.
> I've done the requisit web search for details but the only pages that
> return are annotated copies of the kernel sources.  Bah.

which kernel sources btw? I don't believe that we (ie Sun) supplied the ss5 with 
a type-4 mouse - I think we'd totally gone to supplying the type 5 instead. The 
types 5 and 6 are entirely mechanical. It's possible that the optical mouse is 
not responding in the "correct" manner for a type 5 keyboard, if you stick 
precisely to the specifications.

<mode=semiprivate>Jason, please drop me a line direct on this one.</mode>

James C. McPherson

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