[H-GEN] linux + usb

Byron Ellacott bje at apnic.net
Wed Apr 19 01:05:37 EDT 2000

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On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Mike Andrew wrote:

> yes, caldera e2.4 is the current latest 'n greatest, has inbuilt usb rat
> support, uses kernel 2.2.14 and xfree 3.3.6.

I downloaded 2.2.14, no patches, nothing like that, and got USB mouse
support no probs.  Distribution is irrelevant.  I am kernel of Borg.
Prepare to be compiled.

I think I had to modify the config file generator to include the option
for USB mice in arch/i386/something/or/other.

I don't know, I'm a FreeBSD person[0].


[0] This is a test run.  FreeBSD is not yet installed.  Please direct all
FreeBSD questions to others.

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