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Mike Andrew mikero at norfolk.nf
Tue Apr 18 03:18:51 EDT 2000

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On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, yh tan wrote:
> talking about compiling kernel, i'm also trying to compile linux 2.2.14
> (plus USB patch) to get my linux box to use USB stuffs. any idea wat step

recompiles-> on the site below

> btw, is there any good linux kernel version(s) recommended with best USB
> support?

yes, caldera e2.4 is the current latest 'n greatest, has inbuilt usb rat
support, uses kernel 2.2.14 and xfree 3.3.6.

I don't push any distro over another, no flames please, they are all as good
as each other, caldera just happen to have the latest, this week.

http://linux.nf/stepbystep.htm + mirrors
StepByStep submissions: mikero at norfolk.nf netllama at i.am

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