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Martin Pool mbp at linuxcare.com.au
Mon Apr 17 00:41:05 EDT 2000

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On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Bruce Campbell wrote:

> The alternative is to allow postings from anyone, which means that
> incidents of random spam to the mailing list will occur, to the irritation
> of all.  This is something which I intensely dislike, and hence, not
> permitted.

I received the message with the Apache configuration question and in a
helpful mode posted a reply, which as far as I can tell was the only
complete and correct answer.  It seems majordomo just threw that
message away, without telling me that it did so or why.  I think this
is rude to both people trying to solve problems and to people trying
to offer solutions.  Personally I would rather get the occasional spam
than disrupt the humbug support process this way.

I am aware of the way the -post lists work, and I hope I have
configured things so that I can post.  Still, it's worse than ``man
ed'' to just discard messages and expect people to guess what went

> So, is it (the current configuration, the explanations of the
> configuration, the handholding required when people complaing that they
> cannot post because of misinterpreting the configuration) worth the
> hassle?  I'd like to think so[3].  If you have a better solution which
> does not open the lists up to random spamming, please speak up.

Do rejected messages go to the list admins?  How many spams have tried
to get onto the list recently anyhow?  

Can't we just use ORBS[0]?  The linux-kernel list went through this
whole process a little while ago and decided to do that rather than
filtering by From address.

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[0] What are the odds that that that comment will start a new
contentious thread?

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