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David Wood dwood at PIsoftware.com
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Hi all,

On Fri, Apr 14, 2000 at 08:50:06PM +1000, Clinton Roy wrote:
> I'm looking for project management software, particularly experiences
> that people have had with some. Obviously they have to run under a
> Unix type OS (cause I certainly wouldn't mention anything else in a
> post to general, or any humbug list for that matter).

I'm working on one of these.  I've been trying to encode my project
management knowledge to create a tool much like Clinton describes
so that I don't get forced into M$ Project in the near future.

I'd love some help and discussion of the appropriate technologies
and people's needs.  Anyone who wants to join in, please let me
know and I'll start a Sourceforge project.

If anyone would like to see what currently exists, I can put up
a live copy on www.plugged.net.au to play with.

So far, I've been prototyping in Perl with a CGI interface (since
I normally end up publishing to the Web for our US customers).
Eventually, I may need to move to a GTK or Java Swing GUI, but not

It is important (as Clinton mentioned) to keep the input options
pretty open.  I hacked a text based file for each project, but really
need to put some kind of robust back end on it.

> The features I'm looking for are (basically, and feel free to add):
> * milestones
> * resources
> * gantt charts (an unfortunate requirement, but hey, it looks pretty)
> * non gui interface
> * lots of different reporting options, weekly/fortnightly/monthly etc.

Currently, I have a Perl/CGI script which collects data either from
an existing text file or via a CGI forms interface.  From that, the
script creates an HTML status report that may optionally include a Gantt

The Gantt chart is a dynamically generated GIF image, which is image-
mapped to month views.  No weekly views, yet.

Items of work and resources per job may be hyperlinked to provide more

Oh, and it has themes support 8^)

Each time a status report is created, a new 'snapshot' of the project
is taken and saved.  That way, a history is kept.  This can be done
in a much better way, but it hasn't been done yet.

Besides the reports being returned by the script (with navigational
links in them), a standalone (static HTML) version is created for
publication elsewhere.

The plan is to add:

  - Pert charts;
  - A critical path analysis tool;
  - resource scheduling;
  - More reporting options;
  - More views (e.g. Gantt weekly views);
  - Optional automated publishing to remote Web servers;
  - Stuff I haven't thought of yet.

In short, it is currently a specific tool for my specific needs, but
it could be grown into a good Open Source project.  Any interest?

> I'm currently looking at OpenSched[1]. What I like about it is that's
> it's text input, LaTeX (amongst other things) output. This lets me
> write report stuff like I usually do.
> [1] http://www.vision.irl.cri.nz/~alan/opensched/

I had a look at this.  It does a lot more than I do at the moment,
especially in terms of scheduling.  I'll have to pull it down and 
try it to see if it is worth contributing to or replacing.

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