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Bruce Campbell bc at humbug.org.au
Mon Apr 10 00:02:18 EDT 2000

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On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Hilton Travis wrote:

QuarkC>  modem  - galahad.quark-au.com.local - albatross.quark-au.com.local
QuarkC> 56kbps  - Mandrake 7.0.2, 2.2.14     - MS Windoze 2000 Pro, Outlook 2000
QuarkC> dynamic -              -
QuarkC> galahad.quark-au.com.local is also known as news, ns1 and mail
QuarkC> galahad named[18159]: sysquery: findns error (NXDOMAIN) on
QuarkC> galahad.100.168.192.in-addr.arpa?

NXDOMAIN, as per RFC2136, is defined as:

              NXDOMAIN    3       Some name that ought to exist,
                                  does not exist.

Further explanation is also provided in RFC2308, ie:

   Name errors (NXDOMAIN) are indicated by the presence of "Name Error"
   in the RCODE field.  In this case the domain referred to by the QNAME
   does not exist.  Note: the answer section may have SIG and CNAME RRs
   and the authority section may have SOA, NXT [RFC2065] and SIG RRsets.

QuarkC> I *thought* my DNS was set up correctly - obviously I
QuarkC> screwed something up. I get the same error as above when I
QuarkC> try to lookup an IP with nslookup on the Windows box
QuarkC> (albatross).  I have no idea what this NXDOMAIN error is.

You will need to set up the appropriate reverse zone on your nameserver.  
A useful guide for this is available at:

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