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Christopher Biggs chris at stallion.oz.au
Thu Apr 6 00:47:02 EDT 2000

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Patrick Nichols <pat at humbug.org.au> moved upon the face of the 'Net and spake thusly:

> I use debian linux, and I want to make a group of users with access to use
> the audio devices.  I assume this would be a better idea than chmod'ing
> the devices in /dev.
Read this whole message before doing any of it.

1. add an group entry to /etc/group (by hand or using groupadd)

        # groupadd audio

2. Add the users to the audio group (by editing /etc/group or by using
   usermod.  It's actually easier to hack the file than to use usermod.

3. ensure the audio devices are owned by group audio

        # chgrp audio /dev/audio /dev/dsp /dev/mixer #etc. etc.

0. On my debian systems the audio group already exists, and the audio
   devices are already owned by audio.  So all you have to do is 
   add a comma-separated list of usernames to the end of the audio
   line in /etc/group.  YKMV.


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