[H-GEN] Intellimouses

Craig Eldershaw ce at comlab.ox.ac.uk
Wed Apr 5 06:09:26 EDT 2000

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>> to be going quite smoothly. One thing that is bugging me is that my
>> scroll bar on my intellimous isnt working, and, to be quite honest Im a
>I have not heard of the scroll bar function working in Linux and I would be a
>bit surprised if you actually find the driver but maybe somebody knows a bit
>more about this than I do.

I know of several people who have got wheels in mice to work (what
brands I couldn't say).



Also a random snippit I just grabbed from a passing XF86Config:

Section "Pointer"
    Protocol    "IntelliMouse"
    Device      "/dev/mouse"
    Buttons 5
    ZAxisMapping 4 5

This maps the wheel to X buttons 4 and 5.


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