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James Lever jamver at visac.uq.edu.au
Tue Apr 4 21:55:47 EDT 2000

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Reply-To: leslie elliott <l.elliott at maths.uq.edu.au>
Subject: 5.19 computers

hello out there

as we are replacing the machines in 5.19 we have an excess of equipment
around.  we intend to sell these off and people here get first bite of
the cherry

the machines are pentium 100's with 32M of ram and 540M hard drives
they do not have cdrom's and they will not have operating systems on them 
they do have 14" monitors, there is no warranty implied or otherwise and
by default no network card

if you buy them they are then your responsibility, DO NOT annoy the
sysadmins with problems related to them

we are selling them at the bargain basement price of $150 or if you want
the network card left in them $180

you will be able to see that they work before you take them 
they will run windows 98, windows 95, windows 3.1, windows NT, linux,
freebsd, solaris or any number of other operating systems that I can not
think of at the moment

at least some will be used by the department so there is a limited number 
be quick and at least let me know you want one if you do and I will tell
you the necessary procedure to get one

my thanks for your time

leslie elliott                               ph: 61 7 33652023
senior systems administrator                fax: 61 7 33651477
department of mathematics                 email: l.elliott at maths.uq.edu.au
the university of queensland

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