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Mike Andrew mikero at norfolk.nf
Sat Apr 1 21:57:24 EST 2000

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On Sun, 02 Apr 2000, Reg Voss wrote:
> 	Adapter is a SiS 6326 Chipset 6326 AGP rev Ho 4MB


Understand the following.

New video cards are appearing each day, every day. It is a catch-your-tail
experience for Linux distributions to keep up with the newer, necessary drivers.

your particular card, you have what is known in the vernacular as a winVGA,
it is not a true vga chip, but a piece of shit.

Nothing you can do about that, you need the drivers.

XFree86 3.3.5/ 3.3.6 is the source for video anything under Linux. And you have
a catch-22 on your hands, load linux to load new drivers to load linux!

You nearly got it right, moving to another distro. Distros are all the same,
they are all wonderful. The one you need right now is the one that can
accomodate the latest 'n greatest video drivers from it's cd install. The
answer to that is Caldera's e2.4 CD which contains Xfree 3.3.6

There are other ways, you can, with tweaking make that card run, but since
you're on a fresh install, you may just as well get the latest 'n greatest.
Next week it will be Redhat 6.4,,,, and so on.

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