[H-GEN] 56k modem troubles

Bradley Marshall brad at humbug.org.au
Sat Apr 1 19:56:57 EST 2000

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Hi all,

I've recently purchased an external AcerModem 56 Surf (model
AME-MU00) as an upgrade to my old modem.  However, dialing into
UQ has been problematic - I seem to get through the chat script
ok every time, but it drops out during ppp negotiation with a
"No network protocols running" - see
http://www.uq.net.au/~zzbramar/ppp.log for a full attempt.
Now, thats obviously not the case, as regularly without
configuration change I actually get a connection.

The system is running Debian, with the latest pppd etc.
Modem configuration is as follows:

E1 L1 M1 N1 Q0 T V1 W0 X4 &C1 &D2 &G0 &K3 &Q0 &R0 &S0 &T5 &X0 &Y0
\G0 \K5 \N3 \V0 %C3 %E2
S00:000 S01:000 S02:043 S03:013 S04:010 S05:008 S06:004 S07:045 
S08:004 S10:014 S11:080 S12:050 S30:000 S32:017 S33:019 S91:01

I'm not quite sure where to go from here - dialing in at
least twice for every conection is getting annoying.  I'm
suspecting it might be something in my init string.  Any ideas?

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