[H-ANNOUNCE] executive meeting before next meeting

Clinton Roy president at humbug.org.au
Sat Mar 1 00:55:30 EST 2008

Hello folks,

We're holding an exec meeting just prior to the next Humbug meeting:

When: 1:30pm, 8 March
Where: Word Smiths Cafe, St Lucia (top of the staff house road from Hawken).

The executive encourages members to come along to keep us honest.
The following is a draft agenda, any further items can be mailed to
secretary at humbug.org.au:

* The room booking saga continues
* caliburn upgrades. Reimbursement for new hard drive
* Membership drive reimbursement.
* Linux Australia presentation recording grants

Action items from previous exec meeting:
ACTION: Clinton to deal with ITS to get internet access.
ACTION: Simon requests Clinton to organise air conditioning as well.
ACTION: Clinton to put flying motion to Scott.
ACTION: Clinton put out of the feelers for the install fest 2008
ACTION: Clinton put the feelers for an organiser to run install fest 2008
ACTION: Clinton to lead membership drive.
ACTION: Clinton to work up six week/eight schedule.
ACTION: Clinton to get Scott to commit last exec meeting minutes.
ACTION: Clinton to grep out passed motions on a separate web page.
ACTION: Clinton to give Elspeth banking form to ID
ACTION: James to try to get the AP working as a squid box
ACTION: Clinton to send him an email, if we don't hear by next exec,
choose a new talks maintainer.
ACTION: Clinton to give Mark the second key he has.

Clinton Roy
CSIRO - Robotics Platform Engineer
Autonomous Systems Lab

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