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I thought you might like to pass this information on to your mailing
lists as it might be of interest to some of your members. 

RUXCON is on again in Sydney Australia. RUXCON is a non-profit IT
Security Conference run by members of the IT Security community. Due to
the diverse backgrounds and interests of RUXCON staff, the conference
boasts a broad range of technical and non technical topics such as
reverse engineering, cryptography, code analysis, computer forensics,
identity crime, and social engineering.

Attendees have the opportunity to meet new people, either socially
during the lunch or drink breaks, or during the many activities and
competitions held over the weekend. Activities range from the light
hearted chilli eating competition and computer security trivia quiz,
right up to the competitive Capture the Flag tournament. 

RUXCON 2006 will be held over 30th of September to the 1st of October
at the University of Technology in Sydney, $60 will cover you for two
days worth of talks and experience, making it accessible to anyone who
is genuinely interested in computer security.

For more information please see: http://www.ruxcon.org.au
RUXCON 2006 Presentations thus far (in order of acceptance):
 1. Java Class Deobfuscation - Chris Mitchell
 2. Mechanics of the Objective-C Trifecta - Reversing, Runtime Antics,
& Exploit Development - Neil Archibald
 3. Exploiting OpenBSD - Ben Hawkes
 4. Anti-Forensic Rootkits - Darren Bilby
 5. Access over Ethernet: Insecurites in AoE - Morgan Marquis-Boire 
 6. Attacks Against RFID - Josh Perrymon
 7. Unusual Bugs - Ilja van Sprundel
 8. A Quantitive Time Series Analysis of Malware and Vulnerability
Trends - Craig Wright
 9. IPv6: Under the Hood - Mark Dowd
10. Software Vulnerabilities - Daniel Hodson
11. PE Packers Used in Malicious Software - Paul Craig
12. Web Services: Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks - Daniel Grzelak, Colin
13. Bypassing Corporate Email Filtering - Simon Howard
14. Hit By A Bus: Physical Access Attacks with Firewire - Adam Boileau
15. Metafuzz: Building Boring Fuzzers Faster, Using Metadata - Ben Nagy
16. Dynamic Port Scanning - AR, HK
17. The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) - Christian Heinrich
18. Ajax Security - Andrew van der Stock
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