[H-ANNOUNCE] Exec meeting minutes for 2006-08-26.

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Sat Aug 26 04:01:55 EDT 2006

Present - Timothy Hitchens, David Seikel, Tony Bilbrough.

Apologies from Mark Suter and Tim Kent.

My hands were too saw from the last two days of moving to take notes,
and no one else wanted to take notes, so this is from memory.

Reimbursements - David forgot to bring the second taxi receipt, so no
reimbursement this time.

New switches - David wants to go ahead with the purchase, Timothy wants
another email sent to exec mailing list with the details.  David pointed
out by the time decisions are made, the prices will have changed.  David
to send another email to exec.  Timothy pointed out that Tim Kent had
objections to the brand, but since Tim was not present, we were unable
to discuss this further.

Scott Wilson volunteering to look after equipment between meetings -
the next meeting is the AGM, Scott was told he might as well run for an
exec position at the AGM.
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