[H-ANNOUNCE] No distro server at tomorrows meeting.

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 06:46:00 EDT 2006

There will be no distro server at tomorrows meeting.  I just found my
new home today, and I'm busy moving into it.  That means that my stuff
is scattered between New Farm and Highgate Hill.  I will be able to
bring the meeting equipment, and I will make it to the exec meeting
starting at 3PM, but after that I hope that one of the other exec
members is available to run the meeting for the rest of the day so that
I can go back to moving home.  Mark Suter is arranging to have the
equipment picked up at the end of the meeting.

Sorry for the late notice.  I usually like to make such announcements
at least one week in advance, but I only just found out this afternoon
where my new home is.
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