[H-ANNOUNCE] Deliver those DRM petitions.

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 01:26:17 EDT 2006

"The advised date was 7th August IIRC. Late ones are welcome. The date
is really relative to the release of something by the AG's dept that
hasn't happenned yet (and we don't know when it will).

"So the date is merely plucked out of the air as a guesstimate.

"ASAP is fine."

I suggest that those of you that have copies of that petition send them
in to the address on the last page ASAP.  I'll be sending mine tomorrow.

If people want to continue to collect signatures, then I suggest
sending what you have now and if you manage more later, send more
later.  I still have a big pile of petition copies here for anybody
that needs them, they sent us way too many.
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