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Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 22:18:53 +1000
From: Mark Bathie
To: David Seikel <won_fang at yahoo.com.au>
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Position: Web Developer and Support Officer

Requirements: Perl (2+ years), Linux, HTML, CSS, Javascript, CVS,

Desirable: Web 2.0


CVSDude.com is a fast moving Internet hosting business specializing in
hosting of the open source products, CVS and Subversion. We have been
operating now for over 4 years and provide outsourced services for
mostly US and International based businesses. Our hardware (servers) is
based in the USA, with our operational HQ in Brisbane/Gold Coast,
Australia. Our team is young and energetic and we are thrive on using
the latest technology, with each team member contributing new ideas and
knowledge to the business. 

We have recently seen a large increase in demand for our service, with
over 14,000 open source based accounts and paying commercial accounts,
and as such are looking to hire new staff. This position will be
primarily as our web developer, maintaining and developing our website,
and responding / troubleshooting customer support emails. The position
will have a heavy focus on Perl, HTML, and HTML templating. You will
also be required to have a good working knowledge of Linux, given all
our systems run this as the OS. You will be able to, and be comfortable
with, working independently and performing tasks on time. 

Contact Mark Bathie with your resume attached: markb at cvsdude.com

Professional source code hosting and project management.

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