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[rejigged ad - removed "junior" from the title, added salary details]

the company I work for (VeCommerce Limited - www.vecommerce.com.au) is
currently looking to fill one position as a service operations engineer
based at our Brisbane (Albion) office.  We work with Natural Language
Speech Recognition (NLSR) and touch tone (DTMF) Interactive Voice Response
Systems (IVRs).  Our clients are call centres and range from Large
Government departments to smaller private companies.

We are looking most likely for a graduate with 2-3 years experience, a
person who is keen to learn about the speech recognition industry, and
prepared to excel at customer service.  Some skill with both Windows and
UNIX servers is essential (though you DO NOT need to be a UNIX guru as more
customers are Windows server-based), as is the ability to obtain Government
security clearances (for this you need to be an Australian citizen), and if
you have any VXML skill that would be nice.

The position is client facing, so you have to present and communicate
well.  Our customers are all over the place, so you need to have a reliable
vehicle.  Occasional inter and intra-state travel will be required.  Laptop
and mobile phone are supplied.  Salary package would probably be around
$67,000 and includes a car allowance and on-call allowance.  After a
training period you would be on call 24x7 on alternate weeks of the year.

If you're interested, please drop me an email and I can let you know more
specifics about it as I am short listing candidates for interview right now!


Tim Vanlint
(07) 3202 8959 (H)
(07) 3862 3549 (W)
0438 440 362 (M)

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