[H-ANNOUNCE] MySQL training courses in Melbourne/Brisbane/Sydney (beginner, advanced and PHP)

Arjen Lentz arjen at mysql.com
Thu Jul 15 01:33:19 EDT 2004

MySQL AB, the company that develops and supports the popular MySQL
database software, has scheduled various training courses in Australia:

 Melbourne 16-20 Aug 2004: Using & Managing MySQL (5.0 days)
 Brisbane   6-10 Sep 2004: MySQL and PHP (5.0 days)
 Sydney    18-22 Oct 2004: Introduction to Databases w/ MySQL (4.5 days)

Please note that it is now possible to register directly within
Australia, via our training reseller ELX (EverythingLinux).

Special offer:
- Participants who sign up for the whole "Using & Managing MySQL" week
  scheduled prior to 30 Sep 2004, receive the MySQL Certification Study
  Guide, plus vouchers for both the Core and Professional Certification
  tests, at no additional cost (value: $610).

- We offer a 10% discount for members of AUUG, Linux Australia or local
  user groups, educational and non-profits.
- New: students (valid AU/NZ student card) are eligible to attend any
  course for 50% of the full price.
- Participants in the "Introduction to Databases with MySQL" course
  receive the MySQL Certification Study Guide, plus a voucher for the
  Core Certification test, at no additional cost (value: $340).

General information about all courses:

Products : MySQL 4.0 and 4.1, Command-line and graphical clients/tools.
Format   : Instructor led, highly interactive classroom setting,
           exercises, individual student PCs. Maximum of 10 people.
Schedule : The course days are 9am - 5pm (lunch is included).

Questions: training at mysql.com or arjen at mysql.com
Register : ELX (EverythingLinux, http://www.elx.com/) ph. (02) 8756 3566
           or via the MySQL website: https://order.mysql.com/?ref=marl

See below for a short description and pricing of the different courses.

Using & Managing MySQL (2.0 + 3.0 days)

Description   : This course revises your knowledge of the the
                fundamentals of MySQL, followed by administration and
                optimisation of MySQL servers and applications.
Audience      : Application developers, administrators, users who also
                need to work with the database server directly (table
                design, loading data, queries).
Certification : Combined with sufficient practical experience, this
                course prepares for the MySQL 4 Core and Professional
Prerequisites : Basic computer literacy. Understanding of SQL
                fundamentals is useful (the pace of this course is
Price         : AUD 2995 (the ELX order code is TME003UM)

Developing Dynamic Web Applications with MySQL and PHP (5.0 days)

Description   : This course covers the fundamentals of building a real
                world web application using MySQL and PHP.
Audience      : Web developers and designers.
Certification : With further study and experience, this course provides
                a basis for the MySQL Core Certification.
Prerequisites : Basic experience with designing HTML pages including
                HTML forms. Experience with any programming language --
                this is no "Introduction to Programming" class. Previous
                database usage is useful but is not a requirement.
Price         : AUD 2495 (the ELX order code is TBR003PHP)

Introduction to Databases with MySQL (4.5 days)

Description   : This course covers the fundamentals of SQL and
                relational databases, using MySQL as a teaching tool.
Audience      : New or existing users of MySQL who have little or no
                previous experience with a relational database
                management system.
Certification : The MySQL Core Certification test is included in this
                course. Although the course will cover all material
                necessary to pass the Core Certification, some
                self-study is recommended. You will receive a voucher
                for the MySQL Core Certification test to take this test
                any VUE testing center, at no additional charge.
Prerequisites : Basic computer literacy is required. Previous experience
                with any command-line program (such as MS-DOS) is
                beneficial. Some knowledge of database concepts is
                useful but is not necessary.
Price         : AUD 2495 (the ELX order code is TSY004I2M)

Arjen Lentz, Technical Writer, Trainer
Brisbane, QLD Australia
MySQL AB, www.mysql.com

Melbourne 16 Aug 2004 (5 days): Using & Managing MySQL Training
Training,Support,Licenses,T-shirts @ https://order.mysql.com/?ref=marl

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