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Wed Jan 9 22:41:44 EST 2002

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We're only a few weeks away from the largest event Humbug has ever
organised and now is the time to get involved - is your
chance to put something into the community, as well as get something
out of it.

The conference, to be held in the first week of February, has talks on
the kernel, networks, system tools, distributions, applications,
programming and philosophy. There are several keynote speaches
organised as well as BOF sessions planned. Following the conference
proper is a Debian mini-conference for those of that bent.

It is based at UQ (apart from the conference dinner which is in the
city) so it will be no harder to get to than a regular meeting.

What needs doing?

Registration - Register for the conference (details on the web site);
               make it clear you're a Humbug member to be eligible for
               the 10% group discount.

Helping out - The conference requires helpers; to arrange furniture,
              man registration tables and rooms, herd people, and other
              miscellaneous tasks.

              There will be a meeting for helpers at Arriverdici's
              Pizzeria, Park Road, Milton at 7:00pm this Friday.
              Please be aware that you will need to pay your own way.

              Helpers are encouraged to subscribe to the lca-helpers
              email list at:

Billeting - If you're comfortable providing lodgings for attendees
            during the conference, please get in touch with the
            conference organisers via lca-organisers at

More information is available at
Any questions for the organisers should be sent to
lca-organisers at

raymond at 2002 -- register now for
                        the biggest Linux event in Australia

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