[H-ANNOUNCE] Special General Meeting 17 March 2001

Raymond Smith raymonds at uq.net.au
Sat Feb 17 09:39:42 EST 2001

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There will be a special general meeting of HUMBUG on 17 March 2001 to
consider a motion to change its constitution. The meeting will be held
at 6:00PM in room S201, Hawken Engineering Building, The University of
Queensland (St Lucia Campus).


The motion to be put is:

  That section 5k of the constitution

     "5k) A quorum of one third of the Financial Membership of the
          Club is required for a Special General Meeting."

   be amended to read

     "5k) A quorum of three times the number of executive positions,
          as defined in section 2a, of the Financial Membership of the
          Club is required for a Special General Meeting."

This motion (with small alterations) was proposed on the general mailing
list by Willie Yeo and seconded by Jason Parker (see [2] & [3]
respectively). A copy of the consitution is available at [1].


You may vote by:
(a) voting in person at the meeting
(b) providing a proxy vote
      - identifying yourself with your name and HUMBUG membership number
      - indicating whether you are FOR or AGAINST the motion
      - assigning your proxy to a person attending the meeting, or to
        the chair of the meeting

    Written proxy votes should be signed and mailed to
        HUMBUG Secretary
        PO Box 6185
        ST LUCIA QLD 4067
    or faxed to (07) 3324 9799 marked 'Attention: Raymond Smith'

    Electronic proxy votes should be sent via email to
    secretary at humbug.org.au.

    The constitution requires that all electronic votes be
    'authenticated'. An email will be taken to be authenticated if
    - a return email can be successfully sent to the sending address; and
    - and an acknowledgement of that reply confirming the proxy is
      received by the secretary; and
    - one of
         - the proxy is cryptographically signed by a public key that
           has been signed itself and is a part of a recognised web of
           trust or key escrow; or
         - the proxy includes the address of the member as recorded in
           the clubs records

    All proxy votes (or printouts in the case of email proxy votes) will
    be available for inspection before and immediately after the meeting.


[1] http://www.humbug.org.au/constitution.html
[2] http://archive.humbug.org.au/humbug-general/2001-02/msg00013.html
[3] http://archive.humbug.org.au/humbug-general/2001-02/msg00014.html


This meeting is called by the authority of the President of HUMBUG,
Brent Wesley.

Raymond Smith
Secretary of HUMBUG 2000/2001              mailto:secretary at humbug.org.au
Home Unix Machine - Brisbane User Group    http://www.humbug.org.au/

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