[H-ANNOUNCE] Possible cock-up with todays meeting

Raymond Smith zzrasmit at uqconnect.net
Fri Dec 21 20:25:06 EST 2001

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The networking equipment for HUMBUG is presently stored safely in my
office on Level 7, General Purpose South, UQ. So is my key to get into the
building. This has an obvious implication for getting connectivity at the
meeting. I will post again to this list when I have gained access to the

Clinton, Ben, any other DSTC HQ person. I need your swipe card! Please
contact me by email (I will be reading) to arrange a time.

Raymond ``bugger'' Smith
raymond at humbug.org.au   Just once, I'd like to quote someone famous in
			my .sig and spell their name right -- Mi.

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