[H-ANNOUNCE] Executive Members 2000/2001

Raymond Smith raymonds at uq.net.au
Mon Sep 25 21:55:26 EDT 2000

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Greetings HUMBUGers,

For your information the executive committee of HUMBUG for 2000/2001 is
	President      -- Brent Wesley
	Vice president -- Robert Brockway
        Secretary      -- Raymond Smith
        Treasurer      -- Mark Suter
        Librarian      -- David Makepeace

A fuller account of the AGM will be made available later[1].

Quorum was once again difficult to achieve. Many, many thanks to all those
who turned up or took time to send proxies.


Raymond Smith
Secretary of HUMBUG 2000/2001

[1] when I have time to write it :-)

raymond at humbug.org.au                     All that we see, or seem,
                                    Is but a dream, within a dream.
                                           -- Edgar Allen Poe

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