[H-ANNOUNCE] Fifth Anniversary Dinner

Clinton Roy croy at dstc.edu.au
Sun Sep 24 01:17:06 EDT 2000

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Hello folks, this is just a written copy of what was said last

What for: To celebrate Humbug's fifth year
When: The next humbug meeting, Saturday 30 September 2000 
      I've made a tentative booking for six o'clock. 
Where: The Thai Palace, a St Lucia village, a short work from the meeting room 

Thanks to Brad, there are scans of the menu up at:

Please note that if you're having the banquet style dinner then we
at least three people to order the same banquet.

Could anyone interested please mail me at croy at croydon.humbug.org.au
with something resembling "humbug dinner" in the subject and the
of the meal that you're having.

Humbug is thinking about giving us some money for this event, but
nothing is official yet.

I hope to see a lot of you there, the more the merrier.

Thanks all :)

Clinton Roy

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