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Raymond Smith raymonds at uq.net.au
Fri Sep 15 01:14:52 EDT 2000

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Sorry. I forgot to say *when* the AGM will be held. The information and
original notice are below.


I call the Y2K Annual General Meeting of the Home Unix Machine Brisbane 
User Group as follows:

  When:  6:00pm, 16 September 2000
 Where:  Room S201, Hawken Engineering Building, The University of
Agenda:  (draft)
         1. Confirmation of minutes of last AGM
         2. Office Bearers Reports
         3. Nomination for Office Bearers

More detailed information regarding agenda and nominations will be posted
to this list not latter than one week after this notice.

Raymond Smith
Secretary of HUMBUG 1999/2000

raymond at humbug.org.au                     All that we see, or seem,
                                    Is but a dream, within a dream.
                                           -- Edgar Allen Poe

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