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Raymond Smith raymonds at uq.net.au
Fri Sep 8 02:00:35 EDT 2000

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First, nominations may be made for any executive position in person on
the night or in writting to the Secretary no latter than 5pm, 15 September

Written nominations must include the name, membership number, and
signature of the person being nominated and the person seconding the
nomination. Email is not acceptable for this purpose. Nominations may
either be delivered or faxed to

	Raymond Smith
	c/o Object Oriented Concepts
	4/904 Stanley St, East Brisbane QLD 4169
	(07) 3891 5744

Second, all members of the existing executive besides Robert Brockway have
indicated their intention to stand for re-election. There are no
nominations for the position at this time.

Third, the agenda for the night is unchanged from the AGM call of 18
August. (Although this email is a little late, my apologies.)

Fourth, memberships are now due. Please pay before the AGM if you wish to
vote, afterward otherwise.

If you are a financial member of HUMBUG come along
	carrot => because it will be fun and you will have a warm glow
	begging => please, please, come! We need to make Quorum.
	stick => you will burn in hell if you don't


See you there,

Raymond Smith
Secretary of HUMBUG 1999/2000

raymond at humbug.org.au                     All that we see, or seem,
                                    Is but a dream, within a dream.
                                           -- Edgar Allen Poe

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