[H-ADMIN] Shut down of Humbug email alias service

admin at lists.humbug.org.au admin at lists.humbug.org.au
Mon Dec 19 18:19:39 EST 2016

On Mon, 2016-12-19 at 20:24 +0000, Bruce Campbell wrote:
>   b) Please send an update to each non Humbug address listing
>      the Humbug aliases that point to said end address.

I would have done it originally but it's harder than it sounds.
Aliases point to aliases (my theory is the person who set this up
did that on purpose to mess with my head), so I have to compute
the transitive closure.

Nonetheless, since you asked:

admin at lists.humbug.org.au: admin at humbug.org.au

>   c) When replacing them, please put the error message as
>      'Forwarding discontinued, please contact the end user directly'
>      or similar instead of the default 'no such user'.  This will
>      make it clear to senders of any legitimate mail that the
>      original user (may) still exist somewhere online.  Obviously
>      don't put the original end address in the error message as
>      spammers will simply spam the end user directly.

Fair enough, it shall be done as you request.

The Humbug Sysadmin slave
(Who is not on the Exec, and so is just doing as he is told.)

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