[H-ADMIN] questions about becoming a member

Russell Stuart russell at stuart.id.au
Thu Aug 14 01:04:56 EDT 2014

On Thu, 2014-08-14 at 13:28 +1000, Nic Pearson wrote:
> I am interested in becoming a member of the group, along with my friend, 
> in order to come along and meet others in the community ... however, I am
> uncertain as to whether or not the membership of the club is
> restricted to students at the university ?

We are open to all comers.  Almost all existing members are not
University students.

> Assuming that anybody is welcome to become a member, I am to understand 
> that the renewal of membership is upcoming towards the end of August (31st), 
> would we better to sign up on that date ?

You are welcome to come along for while without joining to see if it
suits you.

> Other than that, as I see no special talks listed to be held in the near 
> future, are there any other recommendations for new members than what are 
> listed on the site ?

Talks happen irregularly.  They are generally given by members when they
get fired up about some topic.

Humbug is more of a social group of people who enjoy playing with
computers for fun.  We bring along our computers to meetings, explore
open source, discuss new technologies, write programs, ask others to
show us new things, group together to run conferences - in other words
do useful things with computers and open source.

As part of that fun every meeting we go to restaurant for dinner and
drinks at around 6PM, then resume the meeting afterwards.

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