[H-ADMIN] questions about becoming a member

Nic Pearson nic.pearson at ozservers.com.au
Wed Aug 13 23:28:29 EDT 2014

Hi team,

I am not sure if I have reached the most appropriate email address for 
my questions,
so please direct me to the right mailbox if necessary.

I am interested in becoming a member of the group, along with my friend, 
in order to
come along and meet others in the community ... however, I am uncertain 
as to whether
or not the membership of the club is restricted to students at the 
university ?

Assuming that anybody is welcome to become a member, I am to understand 
that the
renewal of membership is upcoming towards the end of August (31st), 
would we be
better to sign up on that date ?

Other than that, as I see no special talks listed to be held in the near 
future, are there any
other recommendations for new members than what are listed on the site ?

many thanks


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