[H-ADMIN] Moving Excalibur

Marek Knappe marek.knappe at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 22:32:08 EDT 2013

If you want I can give you VPS in europe, it's very fast and will be for
free as my contribution to Humbug. I will start in 2-3 months with
dedicated servers/VPS/Hosting in Australia so then we can move it to there.

2013/4/16 Russell Stuart <russell-humbug at stuart.id.au>

> Our current provider, Stephen Thorne, has decided it's time to retire
> the Linode host we are running Excalibur on.  (I think this was prompted
> by the recent Linode exploit, followed by the VM refusing to boot after
> a migration.)
> So we have to move.  This isn't a huge issue for us, as Amazon has given
> us a $500 voucher for EC2 which that have said they will renew every
> year and if for some reason that doesn't suite there are plenty of very
> affordable (to Humbug) VPS's out there now under the $50/year.  In fact,
> if we were game we could buy a Raspberry Pi, put a 8Gb SDCARD in it and
> host it for free.
> So the main issue is getting our act together.  Fortunately we have
> time.
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