[H-ADMIN] Moving Excalibur

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Mon Apr 15 21:39:10 EDT 2013

Our current provider, Stephen Thorne, has decided it's time to retire
the Linode host we are running Excalibur on.  (I think this was prompted
by the recent Linode exploit, followed by the VM refusing to boot after
a migration.)

So we have to move.  This isn't a huge issue for us, as Amazon has given
us a $500 voucher for EC2 which that have said they will renew every
year and if for some reason that doesn't suite there are plenty of very
affordable (to Humbug) VPS's out there now under the $50/year.  In fact,
if we were game we could buy a Raspberry Pi, put a 8Gb SDCARD in it and
host it for free.

So the main issue is getting our act together.  Fortunately we have

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