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> From: Mark Suter <suter at zwitterion.org>
> Date: 28 June 2011 5:01:24 PM AEST
> To: Matthew Franklin <matheist76 at westnet.com.au>
> Subject: Re: Date for AGM ? (was Vice President's report)
> Matthew,	
>> Most new and renewing memberships happen at the AGM.  So the	
>> numbers are really dependant on the AGM. If we get low turnout	
>> this year we will have less members for next.	
> When is the next AGM?  I'd like to plan attending; however, I	
> need to know the date a early to get plane tickets cheaply.	
> Presumably, it's either 2011-09-03 or 2011-09-17 but the page	
> at http://www.humbug.org.au/AGM#NextAGM	doesn't say which and	
> it could even be a later date.	
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