[H-ADMIN] Treasurers Report for Executive Meeting on 25/06/2011

Mark Ellem mark at colmiga.org
Fri Jun 24 19:45:17 EDT 2011

Below is my report for the Exec Meeting. I would have done it sooner but 
personal life got in the way as usual.

** Treasurer's Report **

*** Summary Position ***

Bank Balance: $6786.58
Cash Box: $90.00

Income since last Executive Meeting: $40.68
Expenses since last Executive Meeting: $148.00

Total Position (with income and expenses): $6769.26

*** Description of Activities ***

There has been 2 new memberships totaling $40.00 and interest on the 
bank account of 68 cents. We have also bought a folding trolley to carry 
equipment for $49.00. There is also the expense of yearly rental on the 
new PO Box at St Lucia which is $99.00

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