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Good Day,
I get your email during my search for an honest and trust whorthy individual that can be of assistance to me for funds investment purposes. I am Mr. Jude Pierre, personal air assignment pilot to the late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. I will make everything brief and go straight to my point of proposal to you.
Late Muammar el-Qaddafi, Before a revolt pushed him from power in August 2011, He trusted me and instructed me to purchase ammunition from his Russia business men with some funds. This fund was deposited in a secret finance house in open beneficiary account. I came to London in preparation of going to Russia before he was captured and killed, right now I am the only one who knows about this fund and I am the only one who has the sole right to appoint any beneficiary that will claim the fund as the bona fide beneficiary to the fund since it was in an open beneficiary account.
Based on recent development, I have been thinking on how best to do in order to claim this fund and use it by myself since he is dead, coupled that I have served this man for all my life time, losing my wife and my family in the war, I would have been also dead if it was not me that he sent to go for this mission, therefore sending me out of Libya to go and purchase ammunition saved my life but the lives of my loved ones are gone as I have no one left in my family except me, I am also very lucky that my dealings with him are top priority secret because no one in this World expect him and you that I am revealing this secret now knows that I worked for him and that makes every thing possible for the claim.
I urge and solicit on your behalf to claim the fund for us to use it in a lucrative business venture in your Country, This is a top secret, I have no idea of any business since I have not been into business before. I prefer the fund be invested in your country or in any other country of your choice in the areas of your expertise of business.
Details of the said funds will be revealed to you upon receiving a confirmatory email from you
Looking forward for your urgent feedback.
Warmest Regards.
Jude Pierre
judepierre at live.com

http://news.yahoo.com/libya-moammar-gadhafis-billions-may-unaccounted-154537573.html <http://news.yahoo.com/libya-moammar-gadhafis-billions-may-unaccounted-154537573.html>
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