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> Indeed it is the pictures. I think breaking it up is the best idea for her.
> Thanks for the tips :-)


>From my long past days in Engineering offices preparing all sorts of
documents, I recall that there were three or four different methods to
include images in Microsoft Word files.  Only one of those methods was
acceptable on the basis of file size.  Unfortunately, I don't remember
what that method was.  The other methods were banned in our office due
to server storage space issues.

One of the things I do remember is that the difference in file size
when not using the 'correct' method was quite substantial.  Often
times increases in file sizes were in MB when an incorrect method was
used to include an image of only a few tens of kB.

Just to add insult to injury, if one tried to remove an image that had
been incorrectly included and then tried to include it again using the
correct method, there was very little change in the resulting file
size.  The only way we knew to 'fix' an incorrect image include was to
create a new file then copy and paste the text and ensure any images
were included using only the correct method.  The amount of hassle and
lost time doing this sort of thing resulted in the "Correct method to
include an image" being added to the employee induction program.

I should point out that this was more than a decade ago, so it may not
apply to more recent versions of Microsoft Word.

As for this illusive "correct" method; it was more than a decade ago
and I don't remember ... _and_ I haven't suffered the ignominy of
using any Microsoft Office product in half a decade.  If needed, these
days I use only OpenOffice.org or LibreOffice on a GNU Linux system.

So, maybe searching a few Microsoft Office "tips & tricks" web sites may help.

Also, I have been told that the Open Document implementation in
OpenOffice.org results in smaller file sizes than the Microsoft Office
format produces.  I have no direct evidence as to the truth of this,
so I'm only presenting it here as second hand information.

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